(pronounced ar•code)

Arqode puts the world of Augmented Reality at your fingertips

Anatomy of a "Qode"

With Arqode, you can link a piece of content to a qr code. Whenever that qr code is scanned with the Arqode app, the content will play in augmented reality. You can view the number of scans per each custom code and change out the content whenever you'd like.

Content (Qode)

Content hosted on ArQode can be linked to any number of unique qr codes.

Qr Code(s)

1 or more Qr Codes link to a single piece of Content


Easily track how many times each piece of content was scanned accross all unique qr codes.


Change up which qr code is attached to which qode whenever you'd like

Unlimited Content

Change the content on your qode(s) anytime for free.